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and 30" barrel. I would like to hear others thoughts or experiences with the Krag. Join Date: Jun 2007; Location: Palmer,Alaska; Posts: 1,737 Anyway they're good rifles and the 30-40 round is a good one. Have fun.120 items We are offering a preowned Springfield Armory Model 1898 rifle chambered in 30-40 Krag. This particular gun has a cartouche date o for sale by  dating sim in android yoigo 1 Single-Shot Rifle 264, 270 Win, 270 Weatherby, 280, 65 Rem, 6.5-284, 7x57, 7mm Rem, 7mm STW, 7mm/08, 30-06, 30-40 Krag, 300 H&H, 300 Weatherby,  U.S. RIFLE MODEL 1892 KRAG-JORGENSEN .30-40 SN# 1 At this date the rifle has been supplied to all regiments of infantry and artillery and to the 

11 Oct 2010 The cartridge was designated as the “.30-40,” for its .30 cal. and 40 grains of The first Model 1892 Krag rifles were completed by Springfield 

My Favorite Woods Gun is a M1896 .30/40 Krag Carbine. Military/Surplus Join Date: Jun 2002 He found a "butchered" Krag Carbine some woodshed gunsmith cut the barrel to 16 inches and replaced the original stock. 30/40 Krag - 1896 US Military Rifle Firearms and Optics Swap or Sell. Join Date: Sep 2008. Location: lilburn. iTrader: (1) Check/Add Feedback FS Krag Jorgenson 30/40 Krag w/ 4 boxes of ammo. $480 Firm I bought it  15 Feb 2011 It's a model 1898 Krag-Jorgensen chambered in .30-40 Krag, and it's 111 too) for a military rifle that's four times more out of date than Beach 

28 Dec 2011 on the value of a U.S. Springfield Armory, Model 1898 30-40 Krag rifle? Join Date: Jul 2011; Location: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania I have an older Springfield chambered for it's original 30-40 Krag Gun fires and ejects the fired case fine. Join Date: Nov 2004; Posts: 80  Review Ray Ban 8302 42 30 40 Krag Rifle For Sale Cheap Ray Ban Outlet ,ray ban g15 27 Kas 2014 File change date and time, 20:16, 30 July 2008 .

This is a nice example for your US Military collection. I've had it for many years. This is a Model 1892 that is dated 1894. It has the proper square cut at the  I inherited a Springfield Armory 1898 30-40 Krag. with metal in a very And unless I knew the history of the rifle very well, I'd stay with low No pic dates that I can remember off hand, been years since I have seen the pic.

U.S. Magazine Rifles and Carbines Models of 1892 through 1899. The desire Common names given were; “Krag-Jorgensen”,“.30-40 Krag” or simply “Krags”. 30-40 Krag Bolt Action Springfield 1898 Value! Join Date: September 19, 2012 I was recently at my local gun shop (Harry Beckwith Gun Shop, Micanopy Florida) and I saw an old Springfield .30-40 Krag Bolt Action going  Also the long rifles were not made until 1899? 8x52R Siamese, 30-40 Krag, 8x57, 7.62x39, 7.62x54R, 8x 56R, 30 Carbine, 450/577 Martini 

There are a pair of "all correct" 30-40 Krags (rifle and carbine) for Depending upon condition and rarity of dates, inspector's stamps and  .30-40 Remington-Lee rifle in military configuration. Lee realized that I would like to know the date of MFG?? the serial # is101384. Any other info I have 1899 30USA 30-40 krag Im looking for the 3 groove magazine for it. And or parts rifle 

29 May 2014 A complete list of military Krag service rifles as fielded by the US, Norway, Dating a Danish Krag is simple, as the manufacture date is stamped on the . Cartridge .30-40, Length, 49.1″, Barrel Length, 30″, Weight, 9.3 lb  30-40 KRAG RIFLE & CARBINE OPERATION MANUAL - Govt. Printing Office 1894. Back Publication date, January 1, 1996. Best Sellers Rank, 13567424  WTS - Chinese Mauser K98k, Springfield 1903, K98k G-Date - Bay Area Private The gun itself is a bolt mismatch Banner Mauser made at Oberndorf in, I can also throw in a fair quantity of .30-40 Krag brass if you have a 

The Krag-Jorgensen .30-40 is a hot item for gun collecting. Whether you're into military rifles or carbines, check out the Krag. When loaded on top of 30.0 grains of 3031, the 311291 is the most accurate load I've tested in the .30-40 Krag carbine to date (~2 MOA using iron sights). On that date all post-1899 gun sales--long guns and handguns--came under the federal control of .. U.S. .30-40 Krag bolt actions (serial # below 152670)

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My Dad recently picked up a couple 30-40 Krag's from a local fellow and I had my pick of which I wanted, so I grabbed the one below. Join Date: Feb 2003 Perhaps a .243/.308 bolt action deer rifle for the wife/kids. 23 Nov 2015 At this date the rifle has been supplied to all regiments of infantry and for .30-40 Krag ammunition to commercial ammunition manufacturers,  Date Taken: 12/18/2010 and then my son Jacob Carpenter with his doe (his first deer ever) with his .30-40 krag! Date Taken: 11/30/2013. Method: Rifle

What is a Springfield 1899 KRAG 30-40 rifle worth? It's worth What is manufacture date and value of model 1898 30-40 Krag with serial number 218575? 21 Feb 2009 This refers to the actual date of manufacture of the receiver/frame, not just model year Q: Would an antique serial number range gun be worth more than an otherwise .. U.S. .30-40 Krag bolt actions (serial # below 152,670). I inherited grandpa's rifle.1898 krag General Rifle Discussion. Join Date: Dec 2011. Location: York, Pa. Posts: 445. Default I also inherited a US Model 1898 (30-40 Krag) from my grandfather. Mine was made in 1903 

4 Jan 2011 Because .30-40 Krag brass is relatively hard to come by, the author Krag rifles, and judicious handloading can enhance the .30-40 I reviewed loading manuals dating back to the 1940s and '50s to compare .30-40 Krag  SPRINGFIELD ARMORY US KRAG-JORGENSEN RIFLE SERIAL NUMBER RANGES. SPRINGFIELD KRAG‑JORGENSEN RIFLES. [dated by fiscal year: July 1  This page was exported from Firing Pin Enterprizes [ ] Export date: Fri Apr 15 16:03:43 2016 / +0000 GMT 

12 Jan 2013 - 31 sec - Uploaded by nevertoooldtohavefunShooting my model 1895 Winchester. This rifle was manufactured in 1898. It has been in the Filetype: (Doc/ePUB/Docx/Mobi) | Date Added: Mar 14, 2012 |. Read Online chester Model 95 .30 U.S. Army (aka .30-40 Krag) carbine with the markings .

9 Feb 2014 Description30-40 English: .30-40 Krag rounds. Date, 4 File history. Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time. 30-40 krag General Rifles and Shotguns. Join Date: Jul 2002 I've inherited an 1898 model Springfield 30-40 Krag rifle that appears to be in excellent  Model 1898 Krag (Caliber 30-40) Rifle Serial # 390264 (Mfg by Springfield in 1902) Caliber: . Date(s): January 29, 2006. Album by Badger. Photos by Badger.

these rifles were produced prior to the official introduction of the Model 1896, receiver dates 1895 or 1896 with the MODEL prefix, cartouche dates will be 1896. The Krag–Jørgensen is a repeating bolt action rifle designed by the Norwegians Ole Herman . Thus the .30-40 Krag employs a round-nose 220-grain (14 g) cupro-nickel jacketed .30 caliber (7.62 mm) bullet . Some sources state that about 100 1896-date and at least about 200 1897-date rifles reached the Boers. Navy Arms Gun Parts Ammunition Estate Ammo Collection U.S. military gun parts Date Added: 11/18/2013 by Jim Hamilton. 30 Army (30-40 Krag) 220GR SP.

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30-40 Krag accuracy reloads Reloading. I am only interested in jacketed rifle bullet recipes. 08:54 AM. Reason: originally listed wrong date  2 Apr 2016 in 30-40 Krag. Have an orig. carbine coming in. Will post pics of my 2 when #2 comes in. 1563621. Member. Join Date: Aug 2015; Posts: 125  1898 30-40 Krag Help Sportsman's Talk. Join Date: Mar 2002 an 1898 30-40 US Government issue (Springfield Armory) Krag Jorgensen 

8 Aug 2007 Join Date: Mar 2005. Posts: 285 As far as I remember, the 30/40 Krag rifle was made in several styes, 1892, 1896 and 1898. Both in a rifle  I have an 1899 Krag Carbine on the way and would like to gear up for reloading It seems these would be perfect for reloading .30-40 Krag, can I use them? Join Date: Oct 2007; Location: South Coast Mass; Posts: 5,503  U.S. Model 1898 Krag Rifle by Springfield Armory. Description: Serial #127009, .30-40 U.S., 30” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a handsome, 1899-made rifle . WW2 U.S. Army Westinghouse Binoculars M3 6x30 1943 Date. Email.

30 Dec 2015 When John Royer of western Pennsylvania hit the woods with his 30-40 Krag rifle, he had no idea how his hunt would end. special, but doing it with a vintage rifle like this hunter's 30-40 Krag is icing on the cake. End Date  Comparing .30-40 Krag & .45-70 | Diameters in inches: 0.308 in vs 0.458 in | Muzzle Velocity: 2898 fps vs 2394 fps | Metric Size: 7.8×58.8mmR Handgun or Rifle Nation. USA same as .45-70. USA same as .30-40 Krag. Date. 1892. 1873  The M95 was especially bad in this respect, even with the old .30-40 Krag round. Winchester lever action rifles, the 71's nomenclature is not date based.

21 Oct 2013 For our test, we were able to obtain a vintage Model 1985 in 30-40 Krag that dates back to the early 1900s, when it sold for a mere $25. and got to shoot the 30-40 Krag carbine, and I was not disappointed. After some research, the serial number has the date of manufacture  3 Jan 2005 Hey all. I've finally gotten around to playing with the above mentioned rifle (Springfield Arms 1898) that I Thread: 30 40 Krag firing pin Join Date: Oct 2004; Location: Clinton, North Carolina; Posts: 1,104: Post Thanks / Like.

1 Feb 2013 Attached, I present to you my 1898 .30-40 Krag Jorgensen rifle. Recently I Member. Join Date: Feb 2012; Location: New Zealand; Posts: 54  The Rifle. The Krag Jorgensen rifle was originally designed by Captain Ole Hermann The ballistics of the .30-40 cartridge were not equal to those of other . in England and headstamped K or KC with the date and by Winchester with a WRA  US M1892 30/40 Krag Bayonet, 1899 Date: Original era manufacture. A clean example with an even steel patina finish to all of the metal portions, nice wood 

I have looked at a bunch of pictures of 30-40 Krag carbines and this looks like a rifle. The 1896 date is in the form of a cartouche on the stock. Okay, As most, my Krag was pasted down to me by my Grandfather. It is in great This rifle was probably last shot back in the late 50's early 60's. Likewise many Savage 99s and Winchester 94s that date back to that time. Join Date: Nov 2011; Posts: 839; Mentioned: 0 Post(s) Here's a sentimental favorite of mine, the .30-40 Krag, an The Krag-Jorgensen was not a bad design and superior to the rifles adopted by some world armies. It gave 

Sold - Winchester 1895 30 US (30-40 Krag) with Providence Tool

26 Sep 2015 This is an original Winchester 1895 dating from the 1910's. It is chambered in 30 US (30-40 Krag) and has the original markings stating such. A Brief History of Winchester Rifles and the 1895 Model Calibers available in the 1895 Winchester were .30-40 Krag, .38-72 Winchester, .40-72 Winchester,  The Krag Jorgensen rifle was originally designed by Captain Ole Hermann Johannes Krag The ballistics of the .30-40 cartridge were not equal to those of other . in England and headstamped K or KC with the date and by Winchester with a 

I picked up a Springfield 1898 30-40 Krag at Cabelas a couple of weeks ago and just now getting some Join Date: Feb 2007 I ended up buying a new carbine stock and foregrip for one and replaced the front sight. It looks  Three countries adopted the Krag-Jorgensen rifle for military use: Norway: Model 1894 Calibre 6, Calibre of all three models: 30/40. A collector from The rifles are marked: KONGSBERG: Crowned K, the date of the year and serial number. 3 Apr 2015 I am looking to purchase some 30-40 krag brass for my new rifle. Am very willing to Join Date: Apr 2015; Location: Trenton, Ontario; Posts: 6 

Rem Ammo R30402 Core-Lokt 30-40 Krag Pointed Soft Point 180 GR 20Box/ Remington Express Core-Lokt Rifle Ammunition .30-40 Krag 180 Grain PSP  28 Oct 2014 Up for your consideration is a Beautiful example of an early model 30-40 Krag. The rifle is in overall fantastic condition and was manufactured  The Springfield M1903 was the first service rifle to be adopted by all branches of the 7x57mm cartridge compared to the .30-40 Krag made the Spanish rifle more accurate, and the . Game Title, Appears as, Mods, Notation, Release Date.

Does anyone know of a web site with information on a 30-40 krag 1898. Join Date: Apr 2007. Location: denver. Posts: 87 I came in third in "service rifle" at one match using the Krag. The Sierra 220 grain round nose bullet  Site Dating The .30-40 Krag was adopted by the US military in 1892. American soldiers engaged Spanish soldiers armed with Model 1895 Mauser rifles. I thought all the Krags were originally .30-40 caliber, but he insists that this Anyway, based on the 1916 date, how likely is his rifle to have 

$795.00Smith-Corona 03-A3 30-06 caliber rifle 1942 date with sling. (r1545) .. $975.00Springfield 1898 30-40 Krag caliber rifle with 1900 date cartouche. I maybe trading one of my rifles for a Krag and I was wondering what to look for. Join Date: Apr 2011; Location: Great Bend PA; Posts: 4,940 . but just know that Krag is only worth about 100rds of 30-40 Krag ammo LOL. 1st Pattern U.S. Model 1892 ("Krag") bolt-action rifle (.30-40) .. Note that many CZ 70's started out as CZ 50's (check the serial number/date to be sure), while 

Would the 444 make a good platform to build a 30-40 Krag Marlin lever gun? I see that the action can accommodate up to a 2.75" OAL round  Join Date: Sep 2011; Location: Ypsilanti, MI; Posts: 1,273 My 30-40 brass (somewhere around 600 rounds worth) is starting to get long in When it's .30-40 Krag brass 'season' is never mentioned by any of the manufacturers or retailers. . Sniper Rifles · Smallbore and Sport Rifles, Pistols and Shotguns  Model 1898 at the gun and knife show today. I've wanted a Krag-Jorgensen 30-40 for a while but hadn't found "mine" yet. This one Member. Join Date: Jan 2010; Location: N.E. Ohio; Posts: 229; Feedback Score: 4 (100%) 

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